Thursday, July 31, 2014

Swan [English Transliteration]

Just like a duckling, Just like a duckling,
I stumbled in barefeet to you heaving a sigh
As long as you’d like, As long as you’d like
To the ending that I just don’t want to feel

A dazzling light, A dazzling light
I’ll spread my wings along this wind, I’m spreading them
It grew so painful, they became useless
You’d grown into a swan, what’s up with that

The sun just keeps on moving closer, every day to every day
The medicine sits beside me as I just look right out window
To where the sand pit’s watering can gathers moss
And that lonely wooden swing ties it all together
I wonder if the words “I’ll be here” were all just a lie

I let out a laugh, I’d rather just laugh
In any case even this blunder  seemed beautiful
These wings are twisted, this bird can’t fly
This town was carelessly filled up by a flock of swans

The sun just keeps on moving closer, every day to every day
These wings will fade and grow hidden as now we move to the end
Hit unaware by the growing unknown

The butterflies all gather and die by the street lamps
That final ball tossed to you is at the other side of the sea

The sun burns all the bad thing away so you can be free
The words “I’ll be here” weren’t a lie afterall
You’re shadow that I’ve been chasing after and my own

Are just like a duckling, so much like a duckling