Sunday, June 5, 2011

God Song Transliteration

There's actually a lot of word play in this song, which you can't really translate. Even the title is a little funny as 神曲 can be read as both "God Song" and "Divine Comedy." One of the big things the OnyuuP did was to play on the word "kami" which can mean god, divine, paper, or even hair. Using the rather rough translation of YouTuber ikuy398, I came up with what follows. Also 夢 (yume) shows up a couple times in talking about the universe, but it can also mean dream.

They say it’s a song for god, or a divine video game
Flooding the streets right now, it’s a god bargain sale just for you!

The contents aren't that great, actually thin like pieces of paper,
However I’m saved by these things and so it doesn’t really matter

It was music, it was a song,
a great picture, or a big dream
It's just all a part of the frothy universe
I’m saved by these things I believe in

They say it’s a divine show, a TV program just for god
Flooding the world and the airwaves are gods at giveaway prices

They might be rather thin, fluttering down like windblown hair
However I’m saved by these sort of things, so it isn’t something that matters!

They were gardens, they were deserts
It was the cool air, or a water surface
It's all a ordinary part of the universe
I’m saved by these normal things I notice

I could never possibly become a hero like those in the myths
I could never possibly truly be someone that is omnipotent

I don’t want to be God, it’s good that I wish to be
So that I would be able to save someone someday

And that’s why….and that’s why

You were there for me, I was there for you
You call them buddy’s, I call them my friends
All we futile people wish to do is
To be saved and to save one another

We compose music, we all sing songs
Draw a picture, and carry big dreams
They’re all part of the tiny universe
Today as usual somebody came and saved us