Tuesday, November 18, 2014

[Kalafina] moonfesta [English Transliteration]


The night of the full moon is what I’ve longed for
I had practiced for the dance in my mirror
My yellow dress that I embroidered up so prettily
And the bunches of white flowers I wove into my hair

Moon Festival twirling polka
Going around Closing in and repeating
My dearest is who I reach for
I’ll continue with these triumphant steps as
The sound of the pipes reverberate

In the darkness of the forest there exists a radiant square
Where the flames of festival lanterns reach up into the air
Stepping lightly in these new shoes as light as a feather
So as not to step on my dearest one’s toes

Using my heels Pounding a rhythm
Going around Joining in with the taiko
Pearlescent moon, is  tambourine
I’ll take it in hand and strike it up to ringing as
The sound of the pipes reverberate

Possibly my only wish
Before the moon begins to slip away
It needs to leave my mouth before it can come true
This throbbing heart echoes with romance
You must remain my secret

Floating in the sounds of paradise
The stars have started to descend
Setting silvery wings to trembling
Because tonight is a night of magic
The sound of the bells on my shoes
Will never end

The full moon crosses over into the darkness
Admiring it my heart sends to it my deepest hidden wish
The song of the bonfire vanishes into the night sky
So much like a lantern with a small wish for the future

Smiling faces become circles
Going around joining in with the taiko
The sound of bells heading to the sky
Ringing forth the light

Moon Festival Life is a circle
Encircling Closing in and repeating
My dearest’s hand held within mine
We sway to the remains of the boisterous noise
Until the dawn when the bells reverberate