Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gekkou Symphonia [Aquarion EVOL ED 1]

Aquarion EVOL 1st Ending Theme: Gekkou Symphonia
Composer: Yoko Kanno
Performed by Akino ft. bless4


The wind blew away the meaning
A courageous one-way trip
We had to accept this disaster

There must be a hole here in my heart
I refuse to let it grow any larger
You and the future are what I must rescue

A way to protect that important person
There is not a single one that I possess
That’s the way you
Find yourself astray in the great wide sky

In the end you are the one that I cannot meet by chance

Resisting the moon’s long FLARE [Everyday waiting in this land]
It’s the beginning of a legend with no end
I was injured by the gentle melody that imprisoned me
Performing my extent, singing my extent, falling from the top of it
You are the one I’m longing for

The dream of the moon we rode upon
The sad song of love we sang
It all came to naught
Let’s return to the stillness of winter

I do not know the chafe of affection
I am lost in the fog of the deep forest
It goes on for a distance of one thousand years

The ash color of harmony
Is like the cause of this love
Why is it we are unable to have that chance encounter?
Someday the wasteland will become dew…

The weight of my heart
The weight of my love
I’ll listen the whole way through to
The sublime melancholy retreating
I’ll make sure that your dream never gets stolen away

Resisting the moon’s long FLARE
It’s the beginning of a legend with no end
The sky you left behind for the face of the earth
The incomplete symphony
Only you are
Only you my dear
Are the testament of the stars

It is you whom I wish to love

I really probably shouldn't be trying this one with the sort of grammar that shows up (wow, double double subjects), but the point is I tried because I have not seen too many English translations out there.
To have a chance encounter or to meet by chance is a really tricky verb, I think, to translate in a way that makes sense
The final few lines use both "anata dake ni" and "kimi dake ni" which both mean "only you [are]". However, kimi is something used between two people that are super-duper close, which is why when I translated that second one it is "only you my dear."
Disaster uses the same kanji as tragedy
There are a lot of references just to the love of Silvia and Apollo in this who, if you aren't familiar with the series, are two lovers that are fated to never meet, no matter how often they return.
"The sublime melancholy retreating" was a hard line to wrap my head around. Because the last word in the sentence literally means "retreating thing" and there's only one verb. It's two nouns following one another which was quite a boggler to me, since I have not gotten to that sort of grammar.
It's also fun to note that most of the song is done in a casual speech, so it would be two friends or two equals communicating with one another.
"You are the one I'm longing for" and "You whom I wish to love" are also pretty similar lines if you translate them literally. The "longing" is actually "koi", a sort of romantic love. "Ai" is a "serious love" which is such a complex idea that it's pretty hard to express succinctly in English.

Chitter-Chattering in Sickly District [DaniwellP]

Notes: Uh...all of these lyrics are by ear, so there's no saying what it really is unless Daniwell releases them. And if he asks me to take down the lyrics I gladly will. If you have anything to fix also feel free to let me know, because Japanese is such a complex language that these could all just be non-sense lyrics. It seems a little dark if you go literally for a daniwell song too, so there's that.
Chomuka is slang for "very sickening" so I'm guessing sickly is a good guess. Chome is used for areas of a large district or town and usually has a number in front of it. Because "sick district" seems a bit weird I just left it vague.
Temuterararu is a string of nonsense really, but it could maybe be a form of temukau, to resist, so I left it in its potential form in translation.
It seems like just a fun song about chattering in towns, and since its usually paired with stop motion trips through cities, that's probably the real meaning for it.

Kana lyrics:

Romanji lyrics:
zawatsuki demo biyouin biyouin
demode saga chomu chome pu
zawatsuki go to yamenan
temuterararu chomu chome ni
zenbu de zawa zawatarareru
zawatsuki go to yami yame ni
temuterararu chomu chome pu

Transliterated lyrics:
The chattering in the salon salon
When I start to go into the district
All the chitter-chatter pitter-pattering
I can resist the chatter in the area
Everyone has the chit-chat ability
Chit-chattering stops when the darkness comes
So I can resist my chit-chattering needs in this area