Monday, September 3, 2012

Conbini Madness

There are two big convenience store chains in Japan: Lawson and Family Mart (FamiMa). These two stores, from time to time, will run promotions for different movies or characters. Lawson recently teamed up with Evangelion to provide Eva themed snacks and clear files. I purchased a microwave yakisoba with a rather happy looking Shinji on it, backed by a berserk Eva.

A Berserk Eva? A happy Shinji? That doesn't make much sense.

After adding the flavoring, which was both sweet and punch to the mouth spicy, I understood.

However, happy Shinji, in his plug suit, on a clear file I do not. It's pretty awesome nonetheless.

What I was really excited for, however, was FamiMa's partnership with Crypton in celebration of Miku Hatsune's birthday. As a result products such as PoPiPo vegetable juice:

 Miku Hachune Steamed Meat Buns:
 And Daughter of Evil brioche:
There is also, apparently, Kaito themed ice cream, but as I don't often go to the freezer section it's not surprising I didn't see it. I did, however, catch some Tuna and Negi (Luka and Miku) onigiri. They really know how to market off of character items.

There are, of course, just general food items that show up in anime that may appear on this blog later...

Until Next Time!