Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wolf Children: Hana's Dream

I'm going to translate Wolf Children Ame and Yuki for fun, not for commercial profit or what have you, and mostly as practice. I still have to use a dictionary quite a few times and this is the Kodansha Winged Literature edition [its for elementary school students]. As I haven't fully looked at the regular edition, I'm going to presume the difference is that this version has furigana. Also, as the chapters are quite long I'll try to break them up into parts. Enjoy.

"For those who have come to love wolfmen."

Shortly after her chance encounter with him, Hana fell in love.

At that time, Hana was 19 years old, and, with the exception of a crush she still had a faint yearning for, still hadn’t had her first love. It seemed that falling in love, to Hana, would be something very strange indeed. As strange as it was though, if it were to happen, in her heart she knew that she would gladly accept it.

Before she met him, she had this dream.

In a wide meadow, a faint light shone forth.
The whole field  was covered in fully bloomed wild flowers, and Hana lie in it.
She was happily taking a nap, beginning to wake up, and taking a deep breath, opened her eyes.
The smell of the grass and the warm sunshine instilled in her a wonderful feeling.
A gentle wind blew and stirred her bangs.

And then,

She had a feeling that there was something close by. Slowly she pushed herself up, and saw the reason for that feeling. In the distance there was something walking towards her. It waded through the grass on four legs, and she spied the silhouette of pointed ears.

———A wolf.

At that moment, Hana knew it was a wolf. Why exactly, she knew that, she did not know. But there was no mistaking it, she definitely thought it was a wolf.
The wind blew, and the wolf drew closer. She never looked away. The wolf was on a one-way path to her. The rhythm of its steps were lovely.

She wasn’t afraid.

As that wolf came, even though it was coming through such a wide open space, she had a feeling it was coming for her. She probably couldn’t say herself why it was she waited.
The wolf’s sudden appearance was just like a ghost.
Yes, it was so much like a ghost that’s what she could have called it.
The air around the wolf shimmered, and in the next instant there stood the figure of a tall man.
Hana was startled.

—————A wolfman.

That was the word that came to mind.
The tall man now started to walk towards her.
Hana gulped and held her breath.
Her heart began to throb.

 That was how the dream ended.

The dream could only continue behind the fluttering of her eyelids. No matter what, afterwards she was unable to see that scenery. That wolf, I wonder what it meant. The image of the tall man still remained burned into her heart.