Monday, March 4, 2013

Snow Day and Love Song [English Translation]

This is the story of a little girl
That grew up all alone
And the icy “me”

When I opened up the door
The snow was everywhere
Oh so fluffily
the snow seemed to fly through the air
Advancing at a run and resounding
with a fluffy little song
That was my rhythm

For the very first time
I played within the snow
Running and making a ball
My face was quite bright red
Within a daze I rounded out two of them
Then I stacked them onto on another
I had done it!

“My” icy body was all made
Touching you I started to melt
Sweltering now
Chilling down now
Those eyes started to look at me
I looked at you “me”
And the two of us fell into love

Within that instant even “I”
started to melt so it was the
time for goodbyes

As time flowed on
The snow was everywhere
It’s been such a long time
Since I played in the snow
We were just a little detached
from the children’s circle
in our sailor uniforms.

My friend also came along
And we chatted a bit
All together we made it
“I” was circling again
Everybody became friends
with this “me”
How happy!

The five of them were so nice I think
Chatting away
Listening too
My friend and everyone all together
And so no matter how many years passed
We can always meet on a snowy day
“We” are always right here
After having fun it’ll be time for Bye-Bye

A considerable time passed
Snow was everywhere
A tiny hand pulled against mine
From behind

The girl had become a wonderful woman
“My” heart was crying!

“My” icy body was all made
Touching you I started to melt
Sweltering now
Chilling down now
This feeling I wanted to convey to you!
At that one chance meeting
It was nice that you could find a replacement

Within that instant
You were all grown up
And it warmed up this icy person
Therefore this legend
May someday fade ­away
Even though you’ve grown up
It’s time for “see you next time!”