Sunday, July 28, 2013

Quick Look! Final Spring Turn-Out!

Long time no see, though I promise it's been unintentional. I've been really busy with a number of personal things, but promise I have big things in store, including reports on completely ridiculous things I find that I can't promise as news (but as humorous, nonetheless). I'll try to start doing some more VOCALOID translations as well to fill in the gaps as they don't always take that long.

Out of the series I threw up in my last post, I only ended up following through with two of them and adding on a few others that were continuations of past series. So here's my quick look at where things stood.

Arata the Legend
I'm actually watching this one much slower, and so I haven't caught up with it yet. The reason is simply because  I want to savor the work of my favorite studio, knowing more won't be on the way until the Moretsu Pirates movie in 2014. As a series itself, it's not bad.  The theme song leaves some to be desired, and I would certainly like to see more of the shenanigans on "our" planet throughout it. It would be interesting to see Arata others see him acting in different ways, but Satelight rarely embraces that gag. When they do it's worth it. The whole thing comes off very Avatar the Last Airbender sometimes, which isn't a bad thing. Combined with references to traditional Japanese culture on occasion, and animated splendidly, I recommend it.

Attack on Titan
This is continuing into summer, and it has every reason to. With an intense plot and high on emotion, as well as lovingly animated by the studio, it's everything an anime this season should be. Out of the spring season, I would pick it as the winner hands down. There are more secrets to be revealed, and almost every episode spawns a meme of some sort. It's even been referenced in several other anime, such as Free! in the summer season.

Flower of Evil
This anime was heavy. And it wasn't just the rotoscoping that made it that way, though it did make it interesting. I initially planned to drop it, but it's ponderous attitude and thoughtful pacing made sticking with it worth it. The anime is more real than anything I've seen in a while, perhaps since Wandering Son, and tries to look at the difficulties of being a teenager all over again. If you enjoy haunting music and an anime that watches like it's novel inspiration, check it out.

Uta no Prince Sama LOVE 2000%
Alright, this was my guilty pleasure anime. Unless you enjoy reading between the lines and picking out which boy you'd like to see with another, protagonist be damned, don't pick up this series. It's silly, full of catchy male idol songs, and pampers to fujoushi in as many humorous ways as possible. Okay, those my be exact reasons to pick it up, but if it's not your thing, there isn't really any other reason to watch it. That's what made it my guilty pleasure for the season.

Until next time!